Congratulations to Our Under 11s and Under 13s

Over the weekend, eight of our Under 11s and Under 13s competed in the Central Under 11 & 13 competition. Our results were very impressive especially with a number of our competitors starting fencing this term.

We would all like to pass on a congratulations from the club to all of those who competed and hope to see you all competing at our Baby Cham competition later next term.


Age GroupFoilEpee
Under 11s
  • Marianna Wang – 3rd
  • Shwetha Rajesh – 5th
  • Nina Buescher – 12th
  • Rosa Buescher – 15th
  • No HVFC Entries
Under 13s
  • Tristan Wong – 2nd
  • Finn Gentry – 3rd =
  • Ryan Bates – 3rd =
  • Marianna Wang – 5th
  • Spencer Smith – 9th
  • Tristan Wong – 1st

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