Gear Guide

Fencing is a sport that requires a number of different pieces of equipment to participate in. Hutt Valley Fencing Club is happy to provide gear for you to give it a go, but we encourage students who would like to stick with fencing to purchase their own kit.

There are a couple of options for purchasing gear. The club will receive inquiries from time to time to sell pre-owned fencing gear. Please reach out if you would like a list of the current 2nd hand fencing gear.

The other option for purchasing fencing gear is Mainland Fencing. This is a local Fencing gear vender located in Lower Hutt. Please inquire with us if you would like to place an order with him. Alternatively, there a number of links below or you can go to his website by clicking the logo below.


Below is a timeline in which we recommend that you purchase you gear in order. We have taken into account hygiene which is one of the main reasons that we recommend purchasing gear as required. For competition requirements, see the appropriate section below.

EquipmentWhen to buy
Glove1 Term of fencing
Mask2 Terms of fencing
Plastron/chest protector4 Terms of Fencing (1 year)
Weapon(s)/Wires4 Terms of Fencing (1 year)
Jacket/Breeches1.5 Years of fencing
Lame2 Years
This is only a guide. Talk to your coach or other organisers to see if there is something more suitable that you should purchase first.

We are currently exploring options for various starter packs and sets. This page will be updated with more information as it is available.

Gear & Competition Requirements

There are a number of different requirements depending on what level you are fencing at and what age group. We have outlined the competition and age group requirements below.


We recommend that you follow the sizing guide provided by the reseller that you are going through.

For weapons, the sizing guide below is applicable:

  • Under 9s & Under 11s – Size 0
  • Under 13s – Size 2 – Size 3
  • Under 15s+ – Size 5

Mask Requirements

There are special requirements for mask straps while fencing at competitions. They require a doubling-over elastic strap and safety systems that affix the mask to your face.

Club Level / Training / Under 13 Fencing Competitions

Below are the minimum entry-level requirements. We do not recommend you start here unless you are an U13 athlete as all other competitions gear requirements surpass the below.

EquipmentSafety LevelMF Link
Glove350N (CE1)Click Here
Foil & Epee Mask350N (CE1)Click Here
Foil Lame BibN/AClick Here
Plastron350N (CE1)Click Here
Chest ProtectorRequired for women and U13s and youngerClick Here
FoilNon-Fie, multiple sizes available Click Here
EpeeNon-Fie, multiple sizes available Click Here
SabreS2000 / No-requirementClick Here
Foil & Sabre WiresN/AClick Here
Epee WiresN/AClick Here
Jacket350N (CE1)Click Here
Foil LameN/AClick Here
Sabre LameN/AClick Here

Regional & National Competitions

The main thing to note about regional and national competitions is the requirement for FIE Weapons and a total of 1150N of protection on the Torso. You will also be required to wear Breeches in this Category. The kit that is the same as the above section has been left off.

EquipmentSafety LevelMF Link
Sabre Glove
(Foil and Epee have the same requirements as previous section)
800N Click Here
Plastron800N or 350N (CE1)Click Here
FoilFIEClick Here
EpeeFIEClick Here
SabreS2000Click Here
Jacket800N or 350N (CE1)Click Here
Breeches350N (CE1)Click Here

More information on Fencing Gear

For more technical information and history, check out the link below. There is also an example of the stamps and marks that indicate the safety level of the fencing gear that you are required to wear.