Getting Started

At Hutt Valley Fencing Club, we are always happy to welcome new members to the club.

We offer your first 2 sessions as a free trial so that you can get a feel for the sport before committing further. When you are ready to commit to fencing, we can provide full details on how to register as a club member.

This page covers the following content

  • What you will need for your first session
  • Age we cater to
  • How to Start
  • Session Time table
  • Registration
  • Group Bookings / Special Events

What you will need for your first session

If you have decided to attend one of our sessions, there a couple of things to make sure you bring with you. Make sure you have the following with you for your first session:

  • Long pants (No shorts)
  • Indoor sports shoes/trainers (No open-toe footwear)
  • Drink bottle
  • Face Towel (especially in Summer)

Note that fencing is a particularly hot sport, especially in summer. The protective gear you will be wearing tends to be quite heavy and thick.

This means that you should bring plenty of water and we suggested lighter pair of track pants in summer. It is important that you keep your fluids up as you will be sweating a lot during the hotter months.

There is to be no shorts worn while fencing.

What age is suitable to start

We cater for both casual and competitive fencers of any age*, ability, and fitness, and can provide all of the equipment you need to get started, so there’s really no reason to delay giving fencing a go today!

We cater to the following age groups

  • 6 – 11 years old
  • 11 – 15 years old
  • 15 – 18 years old
  • 18 – 65+ years old

* We recommend a minimum age of six years

Please Let us know you are coming

If you would like to come and train with us, please let us know. Could you please let us know when you plan on attending. This can be done by following the button below or by sending us an email at

Session Times

For a comprehensive list of sessions times and our Training Schedule, please click the button below.

Please Register and Pay Fees

If you decide after your second session that you would like to continue to fence with us, please make sure you register.

We require emergency contacts for all of the fencers who fence with us in case of unforeseen circumstances. We will also get you added to our mailing list so we can pass on any updates via email too.

Please fill out the registration form by clicking the button below. Details for fees can also be found below.

Group Booking / Special Events

If you represent a group or organisation that is interested in having a go at fencing, this can be arranged subject to coach availability. Please send us an email to Alternatively, click the button below to go to our contact page.