Fencing Resumes 31st of January

I hope you all have enjoyed a long deserved break and are as excited as we are to get back into training.

We will be resuming training from Monday the 31st of January at St Bernards. Our class start times have gone unchanged and you are more than welcome to attend the sessions that you were participating in before the break. As a reminder, our schedule is:

  • Monday 7pm – 9pm – Senior and Adult fencers
  • Thursday 7pm – 8pm – Junior/beginner fencers
  • Thursday 7pm – 9pm – Senior and Adult fencers
  • Saturday 11am – 12.30pm* – Junior/beginner fencers

* Please note, at the discretion of the coaches, we have decided that it would be best if we cut the Saturday class by half an hour as we have found that 2 hours is a little too long for our younger fencers.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN OUR CLUB REGISTRATION FORM HEREWe require all of our club members over the age of 12 to have been double vaccinated and must be able to provide their vaccine passport if asked. This means that if you have not filled out our club registration form for the year, we are unfortunately unable to allow you to participate in our classes. Also, if you don’t register to the club, you may miss out on important club updates and will not be on the mailing list for 2022.

Again, we at Hutt Valley Fencing Club all look forward to seeing you next week.