Alternative Fencing Venue For Saturday 8th Of May

Hi all Saturday morning Fencers.

We have managed to book in an alternative venue for our Saturday class on the 8th and 29th of May 9th and the 19th of June. As mentioned in a prior post, we were unfortunately unable to use the St Bernard’s hall on these dates so we have had to seek out an alternative venue. We will be using Moera Community Hall for training in lieu.

Alternate Training Schedule

However, with this change of venue we are required to leave very promptly. Please refer to the times in the table below.

DateTime StartTime EndVenue
Saturday 8th of May11.00am1.00pm Moera Community Hall
Saturday 29th of May11.00am 1.00pm Moera Community Hall
Saturday the 6th of June11.00am 1.00pmMoera Community Hall
Saturday 19th of June11.00am 1.00pmMoera Community Hall