Central Junior Championships

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Hutt Valley Fencing Club and Fencing Central invite you to attend the 2020
Fencing Central Individual Junior Championships.

Key Information

Date:1st August 2020 to 2nd August 2020
Venue:Wellington Swords Club, 8 Tanera Crescent, Brooklyn, Wellington
Entries Due:Thursday 30th July – Late entries are at discretion of the
competition organiser.
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Equipment Requirements

Jacket & Plastron:Jacket & Plastron 1150N total
Weapons:FIE / S2000
Notes:All masks need to conform to current fie rules as at 1 January 2018
(without new requirements adopted from and including world
champs) regarding secondary straps.

Competition Timetable

Saturday 1st August
Event Registration Start Time
Mixed Individual Epee 1.00pm 1.30pm
Mixed Individual Sabre 2.30pm 3.00pm*
Sunday 2nd August
EventRegistrationStart Time
Mixed Individual Foil9.00am9.30am