Central Secondary School Individual Champs

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Wellington Swords Club and Fencing Central invite you to attend the 2020 Fencing Central Individual Secondary School Championship

Key Information

Date:13 June 2020 – 14 June 2020
Venue:Wellington Swords Club, 8 Tanera Crescent, Brooklyn, Wellington
Entries Due:Thursday 11 June 2020 – Late entries are at discretion of the competition organizer
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Equipment Requirements

Jacket:Jacket & Plastron 1150N total
Plastron:Jacket & Plastron 1150N total
Weapons: FIE / S2000
Notes:All masks need to conform to current fie rules as at 1 January 2018
(without new requirements adopted from and including world
champs) regarding secondary straps.
Hireage :If you are interested in fencing in this event and do not have the appropriate gear, please do not hesitate to get in contact with:

Competition Timetable

Saturday 13th of June
Event Registration Start Time
Mixed Individual Epee 1.00pm 1.30pm
Mixed Individual Sabre 2.30pm 3.00pm*
Sunday 14th June
Event Registration Start Time
Mixed Individual Foil 9.00am 9.30am