Central Secondary School Novice #1 18th & 19th of May 2019

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Wellington Swords and Fencing Central invite you to attend the Fencing Central Secondary School Novice Tournament on May 18th & 19th 2019.
IMPORTANT – Entries are due by Friday 17th of May  – LATE entries will be accepted but fencers will need to email confirmation of entry.
Please inform ASAP of attendance. For any questions or concerns please email Nicole Martin: nicolemmartin95@gmail.com.

Wellington Swords Club
8 Tanera Crescent

Standard Gear Requirements
Fencing Mask, Jacket, Plastron, a Chest Plate is mandatory for Female Fencers, Pants (350N), Long Socks, Foil Lame if Fencing Foil, FIE Weapons are required.

Entry Requirements:
Central Secondary School Novice is open to any Fencer who is Year 7 – Year 13 at School and has less than TWO years experience fencing.

Entries are limited to the First 21 entries due to venue restrictions.
If you are interested, make sure that you enter as soon as possible.