Central U15 and U17 Championships 2019

Saturday 16 March 2019
Sabre – Wellington High School Lower Gym
9.00am Registration opens
9.15am Registration closes
9.30am Fencing Starts

Epee – WSC Building, Tanera Park, Brooklyn
1.00pm Registration opens
1.15pm Registration closes
1.30pm Fencing Starts

Sunday 17 March 2019
Foil – Wellington High School, Lower Gym
9.00am Registration closes
9.15am Registration closes
9.30am Fencing starts

Entries to: bishop.lamb@pistingaround.com 

Entries close Thursday 14 March 2019

Entry fees: 1 weapon $30.00, 2+weapons $45.00 – payable at registration. Cash please.

Equipment: Must comply with FeNZ domestic competition requirements (1150N combined jacket/plastron, 350N breeches, FIE blades, sabre cuffs etc.) New FIE mask attachments not required. Spare weapons and wires required piste-side.
Weapons control on the piste.

Note: all events fenced mixed age and mixed gender. Highest placed fencer by gender receives the title, where two or more fencers exit in the same round, a 15 point fence-off for the title will take place.