It comes as bitter news that we had a break-in at the club overnight (I assume) on the 27th of November. Robert’s bag with all of his coaching gear has gone missing along with at least 2 pairs of shoes, an epee, the leftover soft drinks, emergency crisis kit, soldering iron and other bits.

Please keep an eye open on any of the Facebook market pages, trade and other reselling sites for what looks like fencing gear, though I doubt that it will be listed as fencing gear.

A few of the club members have also had things disappear from their bags so if you leave your bag at fencing overnight please make an effort to pick it up asap and take it home each night with you until further notice. The image included was what Robert took this afternoon but if you can’t see your bag there then there is a good chance that it has also been taken.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this has caused.