URGENT: Session cancellations due to weather

Due to Cyclone Gita, it has been decided that the 6.00pm junior session this evening is cancelled. 

Robert will not be coming out to Lower Hutt, but Russell  is willing to open the clubrooms at 7.00pm. Any fencers who wish to attend the 7.00pm advanced class, please text Russell (022-638-5612) urgently to confirm your attendance tonight, so that a decision can be made regarding this session.

Eastbourne based fencers, please ensure that you have a ride home, and take into consideration possible closure of the road into Eastbourne due to high tide and swells.

We do not have up-to-date contact information for many club members, so please ensure that you fill out the 2018 registration form at  https://huttvalleyfencing.org/club-registration/ so that in future we can make sure urgent messages get to all club members. In the meantime, please pass this message onto anyone who may not have received it.

Reminder that Trefoil and FenCen AGM is this Sunday, so get entries in (these are due tomorrow), and get your gear arranged this week if you haven’t already.