National U15/U17/U20 Championship 2022

The National U15/U17/U20 Championship 2022 has had its details announced and are taking place very shortly. If you are interested in competing in this competition, please express your interest to your coach as soon as possible. 

This is an age group event. Eligibility is based on your age as of the 1st of January 2022. Additionally, entrants in the U20 category must be aged 13 or over on the day of the event. Details of the competition are as follows:


WHEN: Fri 23 Sep 2022 16:00 — Sun 25 Sep 2022 18:00

REGISTRATION CLOSES: Monday 12th September at 8pm.

WHERE: St Thomas of Canterbury


COST: $65 per event

Gear Requirements

JACKET & PLASTRON: Combined 1150N (350N jacket, 800N Plastron)


MASK: 350N

GLOVE: Sabre 800N / Foil & Epee 350N

WEAPONS: Sabre S200 / Foil & Epee FIE

Please fill out the gear requirement form here if you require any gear for this competition. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding this competition, please let us know. If you are interested, please express your interest to your coach as soon as possible. 


As of Sunday, 4th of September

Friday 23.09.22

3.30pmVenue Open
4.30pmU20 Mens Foil
17.00pmU20 Womens Epee
Estimated finish TBC
(tentatively 2100)

Saturday 24.09.22

7.30amVenue Open
8.30amU15 & U17 Mixed Sabre
8.30amU15 Men’s Foil
9.00amU15 Men’s Epee
TBC (late morning)U15 Womens Epee
TBC (late morning)U17 Mens Epee
TBC (Mid afternoon)U20 Womens Foil
TBC (Mid afternoon)U20 Mixed Sabre
Estimated finish TBC
(tentatively 1800)

Sunday 25.09.22

7.30amVenue Open
8.30amU15 Women’s Foil
8.30amU20 Mens Epee
TBC (late morning)U17 Womens Epee
TBC (late morning)U17 Mens Foil
TBC (Mid afternoon)U17 Womens Foil
Estimated finish TBC
(tentatively 1730)