Easter Training

Thursday 6th of April

Please be aware that we are still awaiting confirmation from St Bernards as to whether we can train on Thursday. If fencing does go ahead, we will be finishing at 7.30 pm rather than the usual 9.00 pm finish. This means that we will only be running our Junior class.

However, we invite everyone interested to join us at the Victorian Tavern in Petone to celebrate the achievements and strides made thus far this year. Please let us know by Wednesday evening whether you are interested in joining us and how many people will come with you.

You can email us your interest at huttvalleyfencing@gmail.com.

Saturday 8th of April

Due to the Easter Weekend, we will not have training this Saturday morning. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause but we wish you all a happy Easter.

School Holidays

We will be taking a two week break over the school holiday, as normal. For our younger fencers, we will be running a holiday program on Wednesday the 12th of April. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below.

“Learn To Fence” Holiday Program – 12th of April 2023

Have you or someone you know wanted to learn to fence? Look no further than The Hutt Valley Fencing “Learn To Fence” holiday program.

This course aims to engage new people with the sport of Fencing through an introductory 1-day course. You will be learning how to stand en-guard, how to move like a fencer, and learn how to make a hit without being hit. You will then put it all together in a free fencing electric bout. All of this will be taught in an engaging fashion with many games to get you to think like a fencer.

For more details, please view the below information.

Course Details

DurationWednesday, 12th of April 2023 9.00am – 1.00pm
WhereYMCA, Somme Road, Heretaunga, Upper Hutt 5019
Cost$50 per person pre-paid, $60 if paid on the day; Family Discounts available
Age Recommendation7+
Course Contacthuttvalleyfencing@gmail.com


Could the fees of $50 please be paid to 12-3142-0358976-00 at the completion of the registration form.

Particulars: The initials of the fencer – i.e. John Smith = JS

Reference: LTFHP0423

Registration Form

Beginner / Intermediate Epee Course

Monday evenings @ Chilton Saint James School in Lower Hutt from 13 March 2023

Hutt Valley Fencing Class invites you to join a 12-week epee course on Monday evenings at Chilton Saint James School in Lower Hutt. Group epee lessons will start after warm-up and footwork from around 7:30pm.

The course starts with the basics of en garde and progresses through preparation, offensive and defensive actions. If you have already done some epee it is a good chance to go back over what you know and fine-tune your actions and knowledge.

The course is part of Simon’s Oceania Fencing Masters’ Academy (OFMA) Online Level 1 Epee Coaching Course. The course will be supplemented with feedback and support offered by OFMA Coaches Leon Thomas, Dave Barson, Martin Brill and Paul Crook and GFM Coaches Christophe Duclos and Pierre-Olivier Bontems. As part of the course, you need to agree to be videoed. These videos will be shared with the OFMA coaches as part of Simon’s assessment. This feedback will be shared where possible.

We recommend participants wear fencing whites, chest protectors, and boxes where appropriate.

To register please contact HVFC Club <huttvalleyfencing@gmail.com>, including if you need to borrow gear and if so if you are left or right-handed.

No Training on Waitangi Day – 6th of February

Due to Waitangi taking place this Monday, 6th of February, our regular training at Chilton St James will not be taking place. Classes will resume as normal from Wednesday the 8th of February. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change to our regular training schedule, please reach out to us.