Thursday session cancelation 10/03/22

Unfortunately Myself and Una are still feeling under the weather so we thought we would make the call that our Thursday training will be cancelled this week. Apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused. 

If you are competing in the U15 & U17 Central Championship tournament this weekend and you require gear, YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM so we know what gear you require and when you are fencing to make sure we can get the gear to you.

Please note that the gear requirements for this competition are: 

  • Jacket: Jacket & Plastron 1150N total 
  • Plastron: Jacket & Plastron 1150N total 
  • Breeches: 350N 
  • Masks: 350N 
  • Weapons: FIE / S2000  

At this stage, classes should resume on Saturday as per normal.